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Transported Baleage & Feeding in Winter


“I am looking at purchasing some round bale baleage that were wrapped in a tube. When moved, it would still have the some of the outer plastic but the ends would be exposed. How many days do I have to feed them in the winter?  Is 10 days too

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Identify and Overcome the Top 5 Silage Challenges

As producers are making their New Year’s resolutions, it’s a good time to think about farm production goals as well. Identifying silage challenges — and making plans to overcome them — can set the stage for improved profitability and productivity.

Despite the best intentions, every producer is likely to experience … read more

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Feeding Spoiled Silage


“Can I feed spoiled silage to my cattle?


I would always recommend disposing of spoiled silage rather than feeding it out. Including spoiled silage in a ration has been shown to decrease animal intake and production by disrupting normal rumen function, which can also lead to reproduction

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Costs of Compromising the Ration

Including just a little spoiled silage sets producers up for reduced intake, health

It’s common to see a little spoiled silage on the top and sides of a bunker or near areas where covers weren’t repaired quickly enough. It is important to avoid the temptation to feed this spoiled silage … read more

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“Silage Talk” on the DHM Quality Silage Resource Center

Listen to the “Silage Talk” podcast on the Dairy Herd Management Quality Silage Resource Center, featuring Dr. Bob Charley of Lallemand Animal Nutrition. To listen, visit the Resource Center or check out or podcasts page here. read more

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