Buchneri at Feedout


“Would Lactobacillus buchneri 40788 help improve silage stability if applied at feedout?


No. If you are experiencing heating or spoilage at feedout, consider using a chemical preservative. Be sure to handle with care and to follow manufacturer directions, especially with regard to application rate.

Also practice good feedout management and make sure feedout rates are adequate. Do not allow silage to sit around in loose piles. Remove silages from the silo just ahead of feeding to ensure they are consumed within a few hours after removal, especially during warm weather.

Inoculants need to be applied at harvest, preferably directly on the chopper. Using an inoculant containing L. buchneri 40788 at an effective dose level will help address stability challenges at feedout. High dose rate L. buchneri 40788 (400,000 CFU/g for silage, 600,000 CFU/g for HMC) has been reviewed by the FDA and allowed to claim efficacy in preventing the growth of yeasts and molds in silages and HMC. This helps delay, or even eliminate, heating and spoilage.

I hope this information helps you address any current feedout stability issues and plan ahead to avoid them in the future!


The Silage Dr.

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