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Colony Forming Units (CFUs)


“What is a colony forming unit and how many should a forage inoculant contain?


CFUs are determined by taking a microbial suspension, making a series of 10-fold dilutions of this suspension and spreading a small amount of each dilution on petri dishes with a nutrient agar (“jelly”). … read more

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Mold & Yeast Counts in Fresh Forage


“What mold and yeast counts could producers expect to find in fresh forages?


It really all depends on local conditions, the crops, stage of maturity, stress events, damage events and the like.

Yeasts and molds are common on plants. They are saprophytes, meaning they live on and … read more

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Buchneri at Feedout


“Would Lactobacillus buchneri 40788 help improve silage stability if applied at feedout?


No. If you are experiencing heating or spoilage at feedout, consider using a chemical preservative. Be sure to handle with care and to follow manufacturer directions, especially with regard to application rate.

Also practice good … read more

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NDF Digestibility


“How can a silage inoculant affect neutral detergent fiber (NDF) digestibility?


A quality, research-proven inoculant can increase neutral detergent fiber (NDF) digestibility in the finished silage because of better preservation of the most readily digestible NDF fractions due to a faster, more efficient homolactic-driven fermentation during the … read more

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Reduced Silage Costs


“How can I reduce my silage cost?


To keep silage costs in check, it is important to target making high-quality silage, which, in turn, will mean minimizing losses.

Major sources of losses occur during the initial ensiling fermentation and due to exposure to oxygen at opening. Fermentation

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