Transported Baleage & Feeding in Winter


“I am looking at purchasing some round bale baleage that were wrapped in a tube. When moved, it would still have the some of the outer plastic but the ends would be exposed. How many days do I have to feed them in the winter?  Is 10 days too long or would they be OK to use? Would it make any difference between small grain, grass or alfalfa?


If they were treated with the high dose rate L. buchneri 40788 I would not have any concerns at all.

Grass and alfalfa will be less susceptible to spoilage than small grain, assuming that the small grain crop is being harvested mature, for the grain content.  If it is being harvested green, with no grain development, then it would be about the same risk level.

What would increase the risk is if the crop was flooded, or drought stressed, or hail damaged, or damaged by insects or if it had field disease.

Assuming none of the above happened to the crop, and provided it is moved and fed out in winter, then I would say plan on 5 days, but check it out when you first get some to see if it will hold for 10 days.  Be aware that it may vary quite a bit from one lot of bales to another, especially if it was not treated with a proven inoculant.

The Silage Dr.

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