Tips for ensiling grasses, mixtures and legumes

Luis Queiros

Our expert Luis shared his tips on how succeed in high quality silage form grasses, mixtures and legumes:

  1. Adjust harvest time to the specific diet needs of the farm and to your animals – if your forage needs are protein content/kg DM harvest between 10-30% of the total field heading or flowering, if you need fiber and DM/ha, harvest close to 50% of the total field heading or flowering;
  2. Try to harvest when conditions for the quickest wilting period are possible – the quicker a plant loses moisture the better final nutritional quality of silage; consider using conditioner machinery, wider swaths, etc.
  3. Try to get your grass silages and legumes silages to a minimum DM content of 30%, avoiding clostridia fermentation and protein degradation.
  4. Make sure chop length is according to nutritional needs, and specifically to the requirements of physical effective fiber;
  5. Adapt chop length to DM content – below 28% DM increase chop length to 5-6 cm, above 28% DM decrease chop length to 2-3 cm, to promote a better compaction
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