Tips for ensiling lower dry matter forages

Gordon Marley

Sometimes the weather window demands ensiling lower dry matter grass or alfalfa. Our expert Gordon is sharing his tips on this:

  1. Avoid the use of a conditioner if you know you are going to ensile wet grass or alfalfa – the conditioner will increase the amount of effluent produced.
  2. Increase the chop length to 5cm+ and reduce the degree of compaction of the silage.
  3. Use of homofermentative inoculant is crucial to overcome enteric and clostridial losses.
  4. Do not use train wheel compactors on your silage below 28% dry matter.
  5. If the forage is being baled avoid stacking the bales.
  6. Be especially careful of silage gases when ensiling low dry matter grass and alfalfa forage as residual nitrate levels are likely to be high.
  7. Good sealing of the bunker or pile remains critical irrespective of the dry matter of the forage.
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