Tips on grass wrapped bales

Irène Joulié

Irène Joulié, our silage expert from France, shares her tips on grass wrapped bales management:

  1. Choose the wrapping system according to your operation needs:  The individual wrapping is easier to manage and provides good 02 barrier.  The continuous system is less expensive, but when you open it, the air can penetrate and damage the forage.
  2.  A common rule is to apply at least 6 layers of plastic and an extra layer can be applied for more fibrous forages like Alfalfa. The overlapping in between two layers has to be at least 50%, meaning that from one round to another, the progression is half the width of the plastic layer.
  3. The stretching has to be equal to 50%, meaning that an initial length of 50cm will become 75cm after stretching the plastic around the bale. This gives ideal impermeability.
  4. As the only barrier for oxygen around the bale is several layers of a very thin plastic, it’s mandatory to place the bales on a non-abrasive floor, preferably on the flat side of the bale where there are more layers of plastic.
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