Tips on soil care before harvest

Frank Kuechenmeister

Our expert Frank Kuechenmeister shares his advices on soil care before harvest:

  1. Check fertilization needs! Grasses need especially Nitrogen (N) and Potassium (K), legumes, mainly alfalfa, need Phosphorus (P), molybdenum (Mo) and boron (B). Check generally pH of soil and bring out lime stone if needed. Sulfur (S) becomes generally more and more important due to a lack of it in most soils.
  2. Do not spread manure before harvest! There should be at least 4 weeks between spreading manure and harvest. Rain in between would be advantageous.
  3. Check for weeds! Weeds can reduce yield and forage quality. They can also reduce feed intake because they are sometimes bitter, hairy or spikey and in the worst case they can be toxic.
  4. Check for potential soil contamination risks due to bare soil, mole hills, mice. Remove them before harvest.
  5. Check for available soil water to predict potential drought stress for the coming harvests. You can do for information online or on your own in the field with a soil corer.
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